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What’s the difference between building an app for the App Directory and building an app for my team?

Based on your needs, most developers either fall into one bucket or the other.

You’ll find a quick rundown of the differences below. If you’re looking for more info on either camp, visit Creating a public app for the App Directory or Creating a private app for you and your team.

Public Apps Private Apps
Eligible for App Directory Yes No
Who can access the app Unlimited number of End Users One End User account or one Team account (see Examples below)
Who purchases SurveyMonkey accounts End User Developer
End User account type needed to utilize app Depends on Scopes used in app Sign In to Find Out
SurveyMonkey account type needed by Developer Any Sign In to Find Out
API call limits Unlimited 500/day, more available (Contact sales)
Requires approval before launch Yes No

How do I suggest a feature for the Developer’s Portal?

First off, thanks for taking an interest in improving our API experience! There’s a couple of different ways you can reach out to our team:

Where can I read about the SurveyMonkey API scopes?

SurveyMonkey’s API requires a number of scopes to integrate properly with your systems, based off your app’s design.

How do I download the actual text responses from my survey?

Visit our SurveyMonkey API documentation to read about this and the other things you can achieve with our endpoints!

What kind of SurveyMonkey plan do developers and app endusers need?

The developer and all end users of a Private app must belong to the same SurveyMonkey team and have a paid SurveyMonkey plan that offers direct API access.
The developer of a Public app can have any plan type and which plan the app's end users need depends on the Scopes requested by the app.

How do I purchase more API calls?

There are different tiers available based off of your usage. We recommend bulking your calls and then tracking your usage, so you can get a good idea of how much bandwidth you’re going to need. Then, reach out to our sales team. SurveyMonkey will get back to you in 5 days.

How do I revoke an access token?

If the security of your app has been compromised, refresh the credentials on your app’s overview page—this will refresh the secret, revoking all access.